About Us


Originally starting out as a CPR Training Facility, we were inspired to expand our training curriculum to include a Nurse Aide Training Program. Our commitment to excellence in all areas of our training is well realized within all our courses.

We’re located in Kalihi and Waipahu on the island of Oahu. In Kalihi at 1286 Kalani Street, Suite B-204. Conveniently located in the City-Square Shopping Center, (opposite of Chuck E. Cheese and Satellite City Hall) we’re easily accessible from all parts of the island and near to many bus stops. In Waipahu, 94-877 Farrington Hwy. #B, 3rd building from Tanioka’s and next to 808Automotive.

Due to our philosophy, teaching method, and approach to training the best healthcare professionals, we have strived and excelled in what we do. We will continue to evolve and better ourselves in the pursuit of making learning valuable healthcare skills not only enlightening but also enjoyable.

We give you the right tools to succeed!

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