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I haven’t been a CNA for a few years now and let my license expire. Due to the economy, I decided to go back to school and get my license back. I originally got my license from another school years ago, but  I wasn’t really happy with their training and was really hesitant about even getting a job as a CNA because I felt that I didn’t know the skills necessary. So instead of going back to my previous instructors, I decided to take a chance with, Pro. Healthcare Educators. I think that decision was the best one I could have … Read More

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I took a CPR class here about a month ago and I was really impressed. It was the most fun class that i’ve ever taken. I would recommend this CPR class to those who don’t want a boring class.

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I am a Registered Nurse and my Nursing Specialty Department required any IV / Phlebotomy related certification. With PHE I am truly confident that I have the right skills, knowledge, and attitudes that I need to excel in my Nursing career and life. Thank you so much PHE may you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have. Highly recommended …!