What are the job duties of a Nursing Assistant?

Nursing assistants have many responsibilities including taking patients’ vital signs, feeding, bathing, and dressing patients, changing bed linens, and more.

Where are Nursing Assistants employed?

Usually Nursing Assistants are employed in medical facilities, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes,
they work under the supervision of either a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN).

What is the pay scale?

Anywhere from $12- $15 dollars/hour

Is there a demand for Nursing Assistants?

The job growth for CNAs is faster than average, with an expected growth of 21% or more by 2014. A total of more than
500,000 more additional employees will be needed. There are excellent employment opportunities for CNAs across the nation.

Is there opportunity for career advancement?

With increased training CNAs most often choose to advance to careers such as Medical Assistants, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, or Registered Nurses. .